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Galit W. Sassoon

The Department of English Literature and Linguistics,

Bar Ilan University


Academic Panels

Keynote speaker

2014, Breaking myths about similarity. [Abstract] Semantics and Philosophy in Europe (SPE) 7, 26-28 June. Zas, Berlin.

2014, Predictors of linguistic gradability. Workshop Bridging Formal and Conceptual Semantics (BRIDGE-14), 12-13 April, Düsseldorf, Germany.

Invited talks

2015, Classification and gradability in the verbal domainLexical Semantics and Grammatical Structure in Event Conceptualization, February 16-18, Language, Logic and Cognition Center (LLCC), The Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

2015Nominal comparisons, problems and prospects for a uniform analysis of the comparative morpheme. Colloquium of the Linguistics Department, 14 January, University of Cologne.

2015From concepts to syntax: On the way adjectives differ from nouns. Research Colloquium, 13 January, University of Cologne. 

2014Degree modifiers: A new perspective on their semantics and the role of stress in it. Workshop on Focus sensitive particles from a cross-linguistic perspective, 3-5 February, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel.

2014Counting dimensionsMcGill / MIT Workshop on Gradability and Quantity in Language and the Brain, 31 January - 1 February. MIT, Cambridge MA.

2013A new look at adjectival positive forms - Evidence from quantificational modifiers. Leiden Utrecht Semantics Happenings (Lush), 13 December, Utrecht university.

2013Between noun comparisonsTenth International Tbilisi Symposium on Language, Logic and Computation23-27 September, Gudauri, Georgia.

2013Dimension accessibility as a predictor of morphological gradabilityConcept Composiition & Experimental Semantics/Pragmatics Workshop2-3 September, Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS, Utrecht University.

2013Between noun comparisonsDepartment of Foreign Literatures and Linguistics, 4 July, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva.

2013, Size Adjectives as Adjectives, The Semantics and Philosophy of Language workshop, May 6, University of Chicago.

2012The Rule vs. Similarity Hypothesis, The Gonda Brain Research Colloquium, December 24, The Gonda Research Center, Bar-Ilan University.

2012, Absolute vs. relative adjectives: From stage-level measurements and comparison classes to absolute properties, The interdisciplinary Colloquium of the Linguistics Department, December 6, Tel Aviv University.

2012, Rethinking of for phrases, Summer workshop of the Jerusalem / Tel Aviv Syntax Semantics Reading Group, Tel Aviv University.

2012, Absolute vs. Relative Adjectives and their comparison classes & The stage-Individual level distinction, The PhD seminar of the linguistics department, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

2012, Antonymy. The seminar of the cognitive science program. The Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

2012, Multidimensional antonyms and what they reveal about adjectives, Toward a cognitively grounded semantic account, Department of English, Bar Ilan University.

2012Absolute Adjectives and their modifiers, LeGO Seminar, January 20, ILLC/UvA.

2012The semantics of ‘for’ phrases and its implications, Joint work with Robert van RoijUtrecht Syntax-Interface Meetings, January 16, Utrecht.

2011Combining vague adjectives - in theory and in practice, Joint work with Frank VeltmanLogICCC Final conference, 15-18 Sep, Berlin.

2011, From generalized quantifier theory to the Adjective-Noun distinction: A new approach to the research of adjectives, Approaches to the Lexicon (Roots III), 13-16 June, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem. [Slides]

2011, The flexibility of adjectival interpretations, VAAG workshop, 25-26 May, Lund.

2011, Logical vs. non logical operations in the semantics of adjectives vs. nouns. Workshop on the Syntax and Semantics of Nounhood and Adjectivehood, 23-25 March, The Center for Theoretical Linguistics of the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.

2011, Absolute vs. Relative Adjectives, Nijmegen semantic and pragmatic colloquium, March 22, Nijmegen.

2010, Adjectives, Antonymy and Scale structure, at a Seminar of the English/Linguistic Department, November 30, Gottingen University.

2010, Adjectives, scales and zeros, at the Tilburg Logic and Language seminar, November 11, Tilburg University.

2010, Antonymy in Multidimensional adjectives, LABORATORY OF EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY, November 5, Leuven University.

2010, Against ‘POS’, The CL group meeting, May 27, Osnabruck University.

2010, Measurement theory in linguistics: Absolute vs. relative zeros in grammar, Colloq. of the Institute of Cognitive Science, May 26, Osnabruck University.

2010Restricted quantification over tastes, Department of Foreign Literatures and Linguistics, May 11, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva.

2010Measurement theory in linguistics – an overview, The interdisciplinary Colloquium of the Linguistics Department, May 6, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv.

2010, Mesurment theory and the licensing of degree morphemes, February 9, Tubingen University.

2009, Restricted quantification over tastes, LeGO Seminar, December 11, ILLC/UvA.

2009, Evaluativity – Two accounts, Vagueness Circle meeting, October 27, Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (University of Amsterdam).

2009, Negative adjectives, Vagueness Circle meeting, June 16, Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (University of Amsterdam).

2008, Multidimensional adjectives versus nouns, A corpus-based study, June 10, Department of Foreign Literatures and Linguistics, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva.

2008, Negative predicates and transformation values, May 27, Department of Linguistics, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

2008, Negative predicates and transformation values, May 20, Department of English, Bar Ilan University, Ramat-Gan.

2008, Vagueness pertaining to degree constructions – Two case studies, Department of Foreign Literatures and Linguistics, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva.

2007, Nouns, adjectives and more, Department of Foreign Literatures and Linguistics, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva.

2007, Nouns, adjectives and more, The interdisciplinary Colloquium of the Linguistics Department, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv.

2004, What does typicality stand for? in the Department of Foreign literatures and linguistics, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel.

2004, What does typicality stand for? in the Department of English, Bar Ilan University, Israel.

2003, Semantics with clusters of properties, The Syntax and Semantics Seminar, University of California Los Angeles, USA.

2002, Semantics with clusters of properties, the colloquium of The Linguistics department, Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Conference talks

2014Conceptual effects in grammaticality judgments (poster). The first Conference on Cognition Research of the Israeli Society for Cognitive Psychology, February 10-12, Acre, Israel. 

2013The type of adjectives. The 19th Amsterdam Colloquium, December 18-20, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2013, Big Differences: The standard for 'big' as used by adults and children (with Elbert Booij), Israel Association of Theoretical Linguistics (IATL) 29, October 6-7, Tel Aviv University.

2013, Classification under 'big': The role of leaps in distributions and its delayed acquisition (poster with Elbert Booij), The 5th biennial Experimental Pragmatics conference (XPRAG), September 4-6, Utrecht University.

2012, Granularity shifting: Experimental evidence from numerals vs. Adjectives (with Natalia Zevakhina Lomonosov), Israel Association of Theoretical Linguistics (IATL) 28, October 16-17, Tel Aviv University.

2012, Positive and negative polar questions in discourse (with Floris Roelofsen and Noortje Joost Venhuizen), Sinn und Bedeutung 17, Paris, France.

2012, Granularity shifting: Experimental evidence from degree modifiers (poster with Natalia Zevakhina Lomonosov). Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) 22, University of Chicago.

2011Experimental evidence for granularity shifting in the adjectival domain (poster, with Natalia Zevakhina Lomonosov), Saint-Petersburg Winter Symposium on Experimental Studies of Speech and Language, 16-17 December, Saint-Petersburg.

2011Stable properties with non-stable standardsThe 27th Conference of the Israel Association of Theoretical Linguistics, October 24-25, Haifa University, Israel.

2011The double nature of negative antonymySinn und Bedeutung 16, September 6-8, Utrecht.

2011A slightly modified economy principle, Stable properties have non-stable standardsWorkshop on Degree Semantics and its Interfaces, September 5, Utrecht.

2011Absolute vs. Relative Adjectives - Variance Within vs. Between Individuals (joint with Assaf Toledo), Semantics and Linguistic theory (SALT) 21, 20-22 May, Rutgers University. [slides]

2010Invented Antonyms: Esperanto as a semantic lab (joint work with Andreas van Cranenburgh and Raquel Fernandez), The 26th Conference of the Israel Association of Theoretical Linguistics, October 5-6, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel.

2010Be positive! Norm-related implications and beyondSinn und Bedeutung 15, September 9-11, Universitet des Saarlandes, Saarbrucken, Germany.

2010A cognitive root for a word class distinctionWord classes: Nature, typology, computational representation, March 24-26, Universita degli studi Roma Tre, Italy.

2010, Disagreements about tasteSubjective meaning workshop: alternatives to relativism, Workshop of the 2010 Conference of the German Society for Linguistics (DGfS), February 24-26, Humboldt-University, Berlin, Germany.

2010Adjectival vs. Nominal processing: The rule vs. similarity hypothesisUtterance interpretation and cognitive models 3, February 5-7, Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels.

2009, Restricted quantification over tastesSeventeenth Amsterdam Colloquium, December 16-18, Amsterdam, Netherland. [full pre-proceedings]

2009, EvaluativityMini-Workshop: Degrees Under Discussion, October 30, Utrecht, Netherlands.

2009, Multidimensional adjectives versus nounsThe 25th Conference of the Israel Association of Theoretical Linguistics, October 12-13, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, Israel.

2009, Multidimensional adjectives, A corpus-based study, LoMoReVI - Logical Models of Reasoning with Vague Information, September 14-17, Cejkovice, Czech Republic.

2009, "More", "twice", and measurement theory's classification of scalar properties, WORKSHOP: Vagueness, Approximation, and Granularity (VAAG), June 25-26, Centre for General Linguistics (ZAS), Berlin.

2008, Vagueness Pertaining to Degree ConstructionsThe 24th Conference of the Israel Association of Theoretical Linguistics, October 26-27, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

2008, Three sources of vagueness in degree constructionsSinn und Bedeutung 13, September 30 – October 2, Stuttgart, Germany.

2008, Multidimensional adjectives versus nouns, A corpus-based study16th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Philosophy and Psychology, June 26-28, Utrecht, Netherland.

2008, Vagueness pertaining to numerical degree constructionsVagueness and Language use, April 7-9, Paris. (slides)

2008, Negative predicates – The quantity metaphor and transformation valuesSALT 18, March 21-23, Umass, Amherst, MS. (slides)

2006, Acquisition order helps bootstrapping semantic knowledgeThe Second International Conference of the German Cognitive Linguistics Association, October 5-7, Munich University, Munich.

2006, The logic underlying the typicality effectsSinn und Bedeutung 11, September 21-23, Pompeu Fabra UniversityBarcelona.

2006, Category structure, context and truth conditionsThe First Brussels Workshop on Utterance Interpretation and Cognitive Models, June 23-24, Universite Libre de Bruxelles , Brussels.

2005, TypicalityFindings, Analysis and Practical ImplicationsScript – The Israel Association for Literacy, The 20th Conference, Nir-Etzion, Israel.

2005, Typicality – An Improved AnalysisIsrael Association of Theoretical Linguistics 21 Conference, in The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa

2005, The notion of typicality, From Gram to Mind: Grammar as Cognition, UNIVERSITY MICHEL DE MONTAIGNE BORDEAUX 3, France.

2005, Learning Models – An Improved Analysis of Typicality (poster)Experimental Pragmatics, Cambridge UK.

2004, What does typicality stand for? A formal analysis of typicality as an effect of the gradual learning of predicate meaningthe 6th conference on Logic and the foundations of game and decision theory, Leipzig school of management, Germany.

2002, Semantics with clusters of properties, at the Israel Association of Theoretical Linguistics 18 Conference, in Bar Ilan University, Israel.


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