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Galit W. Sassoon

The Department of English Literature and Linguistics,

Bar Ilan University


I'm a Senior Lecturer in Bar Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel. My main interest is in language and cognition, in particular the psycholinguistics of semantics and pragmatics, and the cognitive basis of semantic and pragmatic concepts. My research stresses empirical approaches to evaluating the basis of formal semantic distinctions, concentrating on empirical work with large corpora, converged with experimental approaches, including surveys of acceptability judgments, as well as imaging techniques, to test implications of my research, in collaboration with experts.

Current projects:

2015 Dimensions and gradability in grammar and cognition (GIF Young Scientists’ grant; the German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development).

2013-2016 Alon scholarship & startup grant (The council for higher education, Israeli academic planning and grant committee; VATAT).

2013-2016 At the intersection of modification and scalarity: the semantic mapping of scale structure onto the interpretation of modifiers (PI: Elena Castroviejo Miró, Madrid; The Spanish government, Ministry of economy and competitiveness).

My colleagues in this project, Louise McNally (Barcelona) and Elena Castroviejo Miro (Madrid), and I, are organizing a workshop called "Gradability, Scale Structure, and Vagueness: Experimental Perspectives", which will take place in Madrid on May 28th and 29th, 2015. As its title states, the workshop will present studies that challenge or confirm current formal analyses of the semantics of gradability, scale structure and vagueness in view of experimentally collected data, or papers that aim for an explicit and detailed account of the use, mental representation, online processing, neural correlates or acquisition of expressions of gradability, scalarity, and vagueness.




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